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What We Do

The MSC offers several different opportunities for the campus community. The MSC building is available for studying, hanging out, and prayer/meditation during the semester. Many students have said the MSC has become their home away from home.  Throughout the term, the MSC holds student-led worship, bible studies, service projects, is involved with other campus groups, outings & cookouts, game & movie nights and more. What we do here is dynamic and is always subject to change. Hey, that’s college, right?

The building is generally open during the week from 10AM to 4PM and during our evening activities. We encourage people use the building as a place to come study or to simply hang out. We also have areas where you can come to pray and/or talk to someone about any questions you may have regarding faith. Faith is a journey and it’s made deeper and richer when we join in the journey together. Lifetime friendships are created here at the MSC.